The Pan African Independent Network

Music Industry, Rights and business know-how, news and services for the music entrepreneur and independent record label.

(PAIN) was established 25.05.2020 in South Africa to provided a much needed space for information, presentation and advancement of music rights and global representation of Pan African music entrepreneurs and independent record labels.

  • Collection services for Pan African Independents abroad
  • Collection services for Global Independents in Africa
  • Music Industry Business Strategy and Advice

Join PAIN and lets grow the independent music sector in Africa together.


The PAIN team have a powerful collective music industry experience and are very active in bringing the best up to date practices, information and empowerment for independent music practice on the African continent.

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Clive Hardwick

Business Strategy and Legal
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Struan Douglas

External Communications
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Rodney Mashamba

Membership consultant

Skills and Experience

Clive Hardwick has worked in the music industry since the 60s including co-conception and production of Shell Road to Fame talent Search, Two Nations Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, The Princes Trust Concert and The Celebrate South Africa Festival on Trafalgar Square. He was a partner in South Africa’s first black empowered record company, Zako Music and Bula Records. He was a founding director of Merlin the independent digital licensing initiative which today controls more than 35% of the global market. Clive is a fighter for broadcast and performance rights for record companies and performers and plays a moving role in the independent sector.

Struan Douglas is a South African based African cultural writer, performer, presenter, activist and educator. Douglas has Honours in Philosophy and Religion from the Social Sciences Department University of Cape Town, 1999. He studied music at University of KwaZulu natal, Howard College, and has RSM5 in theory and trumpet performance Ukusa UKZN (2012). He is a professional freelance journalist, specialising in Pan African culture from 1999 to the current day. He is the author of several books, producer of albums and creator of many different events and initiatives including wondergigs, archiveafrica and

Rodney Mashamba is a South African, born in Limpopo Venda. Rodney has worked for mediahub an innovative ecommerce platform which distribute books, music and DVDs. He is been involve in a few music projects which will be released shortly. He is currently studying for a paralegal qualification at the UNISA College of law. His major interest is copyright and entertainment law, and wishes to use his legal studies to assist music creatives to assert their rights.

Music Rights100%
Music Library90%
Music Legal75%
Record Label80%
Best Practice90%
Database 55%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • PAIN engages with all the CMOs on behalf of their members in the capacity of a trade association. We offer our members assistance in collecting "neighbouring rights" from South African CMO's including SAMPRA and IMPRA and international CMO's such as PPL (UK) for a nominal percentage based on global best practice.

  • Through membership with both international and local CMOS we will offer international independent music entrepreneurs the best and fairest return for copyright from the South African neighbouring rights CMOs.

  • PAIN provides licencing services for digital exploitation and streaming.

  • Access to collection services, availability of information, advice and support. Assistance for the independent music entrepreneurs against market share and corrupt practices in the industry.

  • PAIN is launching in South Africa and then growing to the rest of the continent to bring equity and representation for music entrepreneurs.