Know How

When music is played royalties accrue. It is important to know where and how much are the plays and how to collect on these rights. PAIN offers two services, the know how to collect on your rights and the collection of independent rights. What happens when your rights have been misused, your property stolen and or your royalties dwindled away into the wrong bank accounts? You take action, you get organised and you sort it out.


Industry insiders have a concept called 'Dumb shit incorporated.' This is basically every creative person who signs away their rights in a contract without reading and understanding the contract. It is those who never rush to sign anything and took the time to understand each and every word of the contract who are at an advantage.


It is said the first words a young musician learns is “I got ripped off.” As true as that was and to some extents still is – it is a matter of principle for the industry at large to remedy any mis-practice or injustice. There are ways to do this. In the far to common event of work being stolen, an affidavit is a useful tool to express a truth. An affidavit is in the writers knowledge and first-hand experience, correct, true and complete. It is a declaration of truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The foundation of law and the legal system is truth. An unrebutted affidavit is an expression of truth. It can be used as a remedy to counter mis-practice. An affidavit is a foundation to build a legal case and once it is unrebutted, it is sovereign. The affidavit must be signed in person by a commissioner of oaths (such as the police station) or a notary public.


Once the paper-work is in order, a take-down request can be issued against the offending exploiter of your rights and following which a proceeding can be commenced at the police station. Should the exploitation of your rights be significant, the property of the exploiter can be attached so as to off-set the costs. This happened in the case of Solomon Linda vs. Disney which eventually forced Disney to settle out of court.