PAIN offers empowering services to independent labels and music entrepreneurs


At the moment it is difficult to collect rights in Africa because local collection agencies do not have reciprocal rights for rights owners. This means entrepreneurs and labels have to come to South Africa or have somebody in South Africa that can register the works and make sure that it is collected. PAIN assists in collecting that money. With an album release, PAIN assists with getting it sampled to South African radio station make sure that the works are properly registered with the performance collection and broadcast collection agencies in the respective countries and the African market.


PAIN fights for the rights of the smaller independent labels in Africa where copyright is not always dealt with in the fairest possible way. Africa has huge copyright ownership issues which PAIN addresses to make sure people can maintain control over their own copyright and are able to monetize that. If an entrepreneur is not paying attention it is possible another record label claims your copyright and then you have a different type of fight on your hands to get it back. Information is what you need to win this war. And it is tightly held. PAIN aims to become a substantial organization that will have the resources to take on the challenges.

SA Collections

PAIN facilitates the collections of neighbouring rights, performance rights for broadcast and other public performance from organizations in SA and internationally. If entrepreneurs have recorded their music and it is played on radio then they should collect the revenue on broadcast rights. Due to the cause of not understanding the system in its entirety artists don’t always collect those royalties. The SABC SAMPRA and IMPRA are about to go into arbitration and once that arbitration is done in the next 3-6 months potentially there could be R3-400M released by SABC. Independents must be in a position to be ready to collect what is there.

International Collections

Few know about performance rights and the necessary registration required for each individual recording. For featured artists and band members, if the name is not entered into the database, there will be no payment of rights. And it becomes more complicated if the recordings are played on an overseas radio station. PAIN collects through registeration with the likes of PPL in London. PAIN allows independents to take advantage of international licences at far better rates then if they would get then if they are on their own. A network of a huge number of independents around the world increases the licencing share on the continent.


PAIN is getting as many independents music entrepreneurs and musicians from the independent sector from all over Africa to be part of this network. PAIN also connects with independent labels on other continents that have their recorded works played in Africa. Putting together networks of people that want to collaborate with African musicians is as important as the collection of money. There is an abundance of talent on the continent. PAIN facilitates building bridges, networks and connections for artists as a beneficial exchange.


Databases are the biggest challenge. In South Africa the databases are a mess. And when you have a mess the money goes missing. There are simple solutions. A database can ensure the right people get their money instead of unfair distribution. The technology is there to bring a solution with databases that are compliant with the ISRC codes. Once the databases are right and there is the correct radio monitoring there will be the correct copyright payments.


PAIN offers members collections from a variety of CMOs (Collective Management Organisations)